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A New Beginning

Our company succeeded as the world’s first to produce nano boehmite using hydrothermal chemical technology. As this technology uses solely water and aluminum, unlike the pre-existing Bayer process, or alkoxide method, the production process is simple and eco-friendly, as it does not emit any air pollutants. With this breakthrough, our company has emerged onto the world stage as a specialist developing advanced materials, and meeting global challenges.

Expanding Markets

We have achieved the technology to produce alpha- or gamma-alumina, and polycrystal crackle from boehmite. These materials are widely used, essential in diverse commercial applications, such as serving as catalysts or catalyst carriers in petrochemical processing, as coating for rechargeable battery separators and as LED substrates in energy applications, as abradants for precision processes, and as coating material or in lubricants, due to their excellent abrasion and chemical resistances. OsangJaiel will continuously invest in R&D, increasing the number of specialists on staff, and enhancing our capacity to meet market demand.

New Frontiers

Our pioneering company, renowned for PLM and premium fruit packaging materials, has invested in diverse technology and materials, such as low-carbon Pancaps, micro-perforated film, automatic sealing devices, high-temperature plasma facilities for aluminum recycling, and microbial fertilizers. These ongoing projects represent new frontiers, through which OsangJaiel cultivates growth. Our firm has the business philosophy of “Ultimate satisfaction for clients, top rewards for employees, and co-prosperity for our partners.” We endeavor to be an enterprise appreciated by clients, employees and partners alike for delivering the best value, through constantly innovating and remaining true to the principles of our philosophy. We likewise appreciate your continued interest and support for OSANGJAIEL into the future.

Thank you!